Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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OH FRE$H essentials
Minollta freedom zoom, Leica D-lux 3. MacBook Pro, Los Angeles Raiders corduroy snapback, iPhone, Krink markers, Croc skin Marc Jacobs wallet, Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses & seeing glasses, and Beer.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Past few days

What up? Been chillin', tryin to hustle some loot, been mad poor, yo!
Homie Alan ask me to help him vend this reggae show called Reggae in the hill. Shit was mad far, some spot called Angels Camp, about a 6 hour drive from LA. We stayed in a town called Jamestown. Jamestown is an old mining town that's not so welcoming to people of color, if you know what I mean. Fuck it, we just chilled in our room anyhow.

 Yeah... this is exactly what all of jamestown look like
 To get a drink we had to roll out to Modesto which was about a hour drive away.

 Next morning we set up shop to slang some t shirts.

 Event was not cracking at all
 One of the main performers was this kid Alex Marley. He's supposed to be Bob Marleys cousin. All I'm sayin is, just because your last name is Marley does not mean you should start singing too. His set was all Bob covers and all mad wack. Please give up your dream of becoming a reggae star, your last name has more talent then you.
 Back home to Ktown.

 I know longer can sleep in cus of this fucking madness going on next door to my bulding. I make it to bed around 3, 4ish, these jerks start at 7am. Thinking about buying a bbgun and shooting these fools from my window. Constructing workers, I hate you. P.s I hope they buy my building, I need the loot.
 My neighbor agrees.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

LAX > Wichita > Garden City

What's good? First day back home from Kansas, happy to be back in the city of angels. My sis in law got me a ticket to visit her, my brother, and the kids. Haven't seen them in like 4 years. So, I was like word...  let's do this. Was my first time in Kansas,  happy I got to chill with fam.
 Nephew Merik, my boy!
 Niece Sierra
 After Swooping me up from the airport, we stop by the mall to do a little shopping.

 Later that night rolled out to ribfest, got there a little late, so we bounced
 Then headed to some carnival  that was going on. kids was happy
 Next day we started our 3 hour drive from Wichita to Garden City.
 Mad cows, and open fields.

 Saw these windmills on the side of the railroad tracks. Was kinda awesome.

 Later that night my bro took me to his job Samy's spirits and steakhouse, for some beers and Saturday nights they have a Dj. So we rolled out.
 She Dissed the Lakers, but was mad cool. LA all day, baby girl!

 I think these were supposed to be the cool kids in town

 Last day with the kids. I'll be back in August for your birthday Merik, don't worry. We gonna party VIP.
 On my way back to the airport i had to stop and snap a photo of this. It's kinda awesome.